Eye on you

I’ve got my EYE on you. Ha! I have been doing studies in acrylic on painting eyes. There a lot of different approaches to this available on You Tube and other places, but I have really enjoyed the exploration. This study is about 3 inches wide on paper in acrylic. I am also working on a painting where I have applied the new technique to the eyes.

In painting eyes, it is amazing to me how detailed the human eye is. There is a whole universe of pattern and filaments and strands that make up the eye, it is not as simple as one would think. Also, the eye lashes are a whole other animal, all different lengths, variations and all going different directions. The key to painting anything is observation and it is essential to develop your own ‘eye’ for that.

I will be back soon with an updated photo of the painting I am working on. Have a great day creative souls!

xo Jenny