It has been a while. I mean—a long long time! Months since I have put paint on canvas, and really just PAINTED. Naturally, a coffee cup seems to be my go to image, but that is okay by me. I always have one handy, and whether it is coffee or tea or even diet Coke, it is always sitting there. Funny story, a few years ago, my husband and I were trying to downsize our vast collection of coffee mugs, and we got rid of about 30+…no joke, it was an obsession of mine.

So, three years later, I kept looking for one particular mug…my Starbucks Denver mug with an image of kokopellies and a photo of the fair mile high city, knowing it had been culled in the cleaning fiasco. And suddenly, that June morning it hit me—I needed that mug back. So thanks to the power of Ebay and a wonderful person who happened to be selling one, I got my beloved mug back. 🙂

Silly, right? Maybe, but I think it also tells a story about how things can bring a spark of joy to your life in the simplest forms, coffee mugs, painting, Goldfish crackers (another story)—we seem to always sail past these little joys and on to the BIG problems and not let the tiny pleasures help make our days just a bit brighter.

Painting this little painting today—5″x5″—brought me true pleasure. I loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait to share it!

Happy creating!

xo Jenny