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All about Jenny

I love all things creative.I have felt compelled to draw and paint since I was a little girl with crayons and a blank wall. My style is all about color, joy and living life. My subject matter can be anything, from flowers to phrases, jelly beans to jazz bands. I love to take a sketchbook with me where ever I go and draw what surrounds me. So many of my ideas start as a doodle in my journal and then grow from there. Hand lettering his also a passion of mine - so that has made its way into my work as well. 

I also love to make books! I make watercolor journals, drawing journals, and any other kind that pops into my head. I am always fascinated by all of the different kinds of decorative paper that I can use to make very cool journal covers.

I grew up in Northern Minnesota and live in the Twin Cities area with my husband and our very spoiled chihuahua. As a little girl I was always drawing and that led me to art school and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. By day, I am a graphic designer. In my free time, I create!

I love reading, walking in nature, listening to my husband play music, and eating great food.

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