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Oh, I love a good journal

Here they are. My three lovely journals that I am working in currently. They are all Rag and Bone Bindery journals and are wonderful. The paper is sturdy, smooth, and has a wonderful finish. I can handle collage, paint, watercolor, and anything you throw at it.

My method for working this year is to have three journals going - when two are drying I can work in the other one. Originally I had started with two, but found that once I finished a couple of pages, the first wasn't quite dry yet so I started another journal. It is a technique of layering papers, tape, old artwork, glue and paint on each page. I also started writing on the blank page first, to get my feelings out and fill the background with the lovely texture of words. It's the perfect mystery journal - write it out - and then cover it up - your secrets are safe in your journal, covered by layers of artful goodness.

My three current journals

The pretty journal stack

My medium size journal - layer one is done

Journal page ready for words

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